Samuel Hubbard Shoe Inc.

Building on an 85-year family tradition, the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company is dedicated to creating the world’s most comfortable shoes—for men and women. Founder Bruce Katz (previously cofounder of Rockport Shoe Company) says: “We make shoes that people can fall in love with.” To do this, we painstakingly design our shoes for fit and design, handcraft them in Portugal, and never, ever compromise on quality—using only the finest leathers and materials from around the world. For men, we currently offer: Un-Sneaker (the comfort of a sneaker in a beautifully styled shoe); Limited Edition (an array of eye-opening colors); and Go To Work (styled for work and evenings out). Our first line of women’s shoes was launched in September 2016. For more information, visit

Mill Valley, CA

Experts You Can Chat With Who Worked At Samuel Hubbard Shoe Inc.

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Jenn Swinney

Award-winning customer service leader with a decade of experience improving the customer experience, and implementing strategies for customer onboarding, engagement, support and retention.

San Francisco-Bay Area | Hourly Rate: $100

A Few Companies I've Helped Build:
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A Few Areas of Expertise:
Organizational Leadership Performance Management Best in Class Customer Service Data Driven Strategy Customer Experience Management

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