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Finally! All that clicking and typing has led you to the sole reason the internet was created; the Comedy Central UK LinkedIn page. We’re a joint venture between Viacom & BSkyB consisting of four channels; Comedy Central, Comedy Central +1, Comedy Central Extra, and Comedy Central Extra +1…so we basically have two channels, but let’s not quibble. We also have two pretty damn cool websites; and We’re all about the laughs here; we aim our funny at 16-34 year olds, and we push the boundaries in the name of funny. Even if it does mean using the odd naughty word (sorry Mum).

New York, NY

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Grace Low

Experienced growth marketer with specialty in performance marketing.

New York | Hourly Rate: $150

A Few Companies I've Helped Build:
Hinge Tumblr Comedy central
A Few Areas of Expertise:
Marketing Growth marketing User growth SEM SEO

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